Startup Dating initiated a fruitful collaboration between David and Stephen

Startup Dating initiated a fruitful collaboration between David and Stephen

Since student David Lukunku and the AAU startup Sparks were successfully matched up at Startup Dating Event, their professional collaboration has evolved to the benefit of both parties.

The entrepreneurial environment in Aalborg is sizzling and Startup Dating is a solid proof to this. At Startup Dating 20 startups present openings for student collaboration in short pitches and networking sessions.

David Lukunku is one out of hundreds of students who have previously attended Startup Dating. He is studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University College Northern Denmark (UCN). After they were introduced at Startup Dating, David Lukunku contacted Stephen Cipkala, the founder of the AAU startup Sparks. Ever since, David Lukunku has been an important part of Sparks’ development.

– I participated to find someone who could help me develop my app. Education and professionalism were not so important to me, if it was a committed and diligent student with drive, says Stephen Cipkala and continues:

– And I really found that in David. He has been committed from the start and has helped Sparks very far. In addition to testing and validating the app, he has included Sparks in several startup programs and established contact with people who have been of great importance to the development of our app. Moreover, he has helped with other important aspects in the development of the startup, so it has really been a valuable collaboration so far.


Sparks has developed an app that helps aspiring entrepreneurs capture their ideas, continuously develop them through collaboration and intuitive management, and validate their ideas analytically to identify the ideal startup for them.

David Lukunku has been part of Sparks for six months so far, initially as a volunteer freelancer and recently as an intern as part of his education. At Sparks, he experiences exciting and unpredictable workdays.

– I love that nothing is determined in a startup, so I can influence decisions and outcomes. It is cool to get up every day and know that I am helping to bring something new to the world. I have gained so much experience and learned so much in areas and industries that I did not know anything about beforehand. In a startup, you must do what is required, even though you do not have the experience. And it has really developed me both personally and professionally, says David Lukunku.

David Lukunku and Stephen Cipkala are both optimistic about the possibilities of continuing their collaboration after David Lukunku’s internship. And even if the collaboration should end here, the experience has confirmed David Lukunku that he should work with entrepreneurship in the future.

– You do not have to be a genius to create something new. If you just work hard enough and are committed, then you can succeed. Seeing others use something that you have helped to create is exciting and a cool experience. It gives you a completely different satisfaction than working in a regular 8 to 16 job, explains David Lukunku.