About us

Startup Dating is a unique collaboration between AAU and UCN.
With this collaboration we want to create interdisciplinary teams among students across educational institutions. 

The purpose is to support and give startup teams the opportunity to become exciting new companies. They can’t do that all by them self.
Join the community and meet the future job and job-creators right here!


AAU Student Startups is a strategic initiative at Aalborg University. We are organizationally part of AAU Innovation and are physically located in incubators on Campus at Aalborg University.

Our main focus with AAU Student Startups is to strengthen students opportunities to get a job after graduation.

One of the initiatives is focusing on students who want to work with their own ideas. Some ideas are new and others have been developed through study projects – at AAU Student Startups, the students can develop new startups.

Some ideas come to be realized and some ideas is just a step on the way to improve the student’s employability. With a greater employability, you will have an advantages when going to apply for jobs established companies.

You may not have an idea yourself, but are curious about entrepreneurship. We can help you create contact for exciting startup companies, where you and others can put your skills into play.

We, at AAU Student Startups, will guide you based on your needs. You will have the opportunity to become part of a community that consists of dedicated AAU educators, business developers, mentors and resource people from the business world.


UCN Innovation collaborates as an interdisciplinary unit with all educational areas at UCN regarding innovation. UCN Innovation is located at Campus Hobrovej at UCN.

The department works both internally and externally with a large number of innovation activities for both teachers, employees, students and always in close collaboration with the North Jutland business community and public institutions. 

All activities are targeted at promoting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

UCN Innovation has experienced strong growth in the number of activities and the diversity of activities in the short life of the department.

Some activities that are the result of the department are: the development of UCN`s entrepreneurial course Next Step, and a profession-oriented innovation pedagogy for all UCN educations called the Innovation Circle.

Next Step we help you with the realization of your entrepreneurship dreams. We
work closely together across different professions and with external business
resource, all in order to give you the best conditions and help for your


Contact AAU

Sea, Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University
E-mail: sea@adm.aau.dk

Contact UCN

UCN Innovation
E-mail: innovation@ucn.dk