Q&A with Jonas from CCMerch

The team behind

CCMerch was founded January 1, 2022, but has been existing on hobby basis since January 2021. It was founded by Jonas, who is currently studying Marketing Management at UCN.


What is your business idea?

CCMerch is a merchandise supplier, both for organizations and content creators, but also a supplier for custom made items, and soon also some premade design in new line of products.


How did you come up with your business idea/How did the idea of becoming an entrepreneur arise?

I came up with the idea after working in an esports organization being responsible for the merchandise, and then after talking with some of my contacts in the content creator scene, I began pulling on the contacts I got when working in the esports organization, and started up CCMerch, to help these streamers get good quality from first try.


What is the best/most exciting part about being an entrepreneur?

I feel like the most exciting part is the freedom of my schedule, I mostly work best in the evening, so I have the possibility to, as my own boss, to plan my work around making the products in the evening and sending out the day after. So, freedom to plan the work.


What has been your biggest success/challenge so far?

My biggest success is that I have finally begun getting sales in and got the backup from my bank, them saying good for my project, and the possibility to begin to plan new possibilities for the company. But the biggest challenge is finding the financing in general, but also getting the design aspect in tip-top shape.


How do you use your academic skills as an entrepreneur?

As a marketing management student, I have begun to implement some of the ideas from my study into how I work with my company, and how I can market it. Together with the sales elective I took in the autumn, I feel like I am in a spot where I would be able to go out and sell my products physically.


How do you manage to combine your startup with your studies?

I manage to combine by getting help to production from different partners around Europe, and by doing that, I can do most of the work when I am off the studies. With my mug production, I can do the production in the evening.


Where is your startup today, and where do you see your startup going in the future?

My startup is today in a spot where it can sustain itself, and give out a small surplus, which can add on to my SU, but still not in a spot where I can make a 100% living of it. But my vision of the company is to become the preferred supplier of merchandise, for a start, in Denmark, but expand to other countries later.


What is your best advice for other students who are considering becoming entrepreneurs?

The best advice I can give, is the one I lived by myself in January 2021, when I talked with my connections, as long I am a student, it gives me the possibility to just “take the leap” and just do it, so I would tell any asking me, to do the same.

just take a leap.