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    Neo Truss System
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    At Neo Truss System we are reimagining the working conditions for technisians
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About us

At Neo Truss System we are committed to reimagining traditional solutions within the event industry, beginning with truss systems.

In the event industry efficient setup and teardown of stages is crucial. Therefore, a solution was developed over 25 years ago. The issue today is a result of the lack of innovation within the industry, where, instead of prioritizing user needs, it tends to exclude the users. Because of this, the truss currently exceeds allowed noise levels, necessitates heavy lifting and is in generally a hassle to work with.
At Neo Truss System, we are turning the focus back on the users by creating an innovative solution. With our product Neo, we eliminate the need for tools, thereby reducing both the assembly time and noise levels by over 50%.

We are Neo Truss System – Fast – Silent – Simple

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At Neo Truss System we are rapidly growing and are looking to expand our team. With us you will be able to implement your theory on a real case. In terms of your assignments, you will have clear objectives with deliverables, and the possibility to work independently. We provide flexible hours, free coffee and the possibility to become either a part-time employee or an integral part of the team.