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    Let's Play
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    Lets' Play is an app for arranging casual events with friends and strangers too!
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About us

We believe in helping people live a more happy, social and active life.

We think one way of achieving this is by meeting up with others and playing sports or other fun activities.

​Therefore, we have created an app, that enables people to do this.

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Do you want to try out a new sport, or play more than you already do, or just meet new people? Then "Let's Play" is the app for you! No matter what your location, skill level, activity type or timeframe is, there is someone out there for you to play with.

Many people have the desire to play different sports and other activities in their free time, but don't have the time to be part of an official club and play on a regular basis. Instead many people try to meet up with friends and play the sport or other activity at the park or similar facilities. Sometimes however, you are for whatever reason not able to gather enough players to play with. To solve this problem we have developed "Let's Play", which is an app for arranging casual events with friends and strangers alike.

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    Marketing & Communication
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The most important thing is that you are passionate about the project and want to work in a startup!