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    Idun Biologics
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    Idun Biologics, revolutionising obesity and metabolic disease treatment.
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About us

At Idun Biologics, we are redefining obesity treatment with a novel therapeutic strategy that offers a paradigm shift from the GLP-1 approach.

Our solution centers on the human enzyme Glycerol-3-phosphate phosphatase (G3PP). Normally, sugar in the cell is transformed into storable fats called triglycerides. G3PP interrupts this process by converting sugar into glycerol, which can then exit the cell and be expelled through urine. Essentially, G3PP acts as an overflow valve for excess energy. This novel mechanism of action (MOA) provides a comprehensive weight loss solution while preserving lean mass.

We have established proof-of-concept in diet-induced obese mice, achieving a 12% weight loss in just two weeks of treatment, while maintaining food intake and improving fitness. Additionally, in vivo and in vitro studies demonstrate a range of benefits, including reduced fat accumulation and inflammation in the liver, addressing metabolic-associated steatohepatitis (MASH); reduced insulin deficiency and resistance, which are hallmarks of type 2 diabetes; and improved lipid profiles, reducing the risk factors for heart failure, kidney failure, and strokes.Furthermore, human genetic data link G3PP to longevity and better health in aging, showing that G3PP activation increases the likelihood of living beyond 100 years.
Our product is an enhanced protein replacement therapy, utilizing state-of-the-art drug delivery and formulation techniques validated by the industry. Upon injection, it will increase G3PP activity in the liver, leading to significant weight loss and effective treatment of metabolic diseases.

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