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    Using AI, we help people with dyslexia
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About us

Join Cliarly to expand your capabilities and horizon in a fast-moving tech-StartUp.
Cliarly enhances your reading and writing capabilities using artificial intelligence.
At Cliarly we primarily focus on helping people with dyslexia because our founder Jakob Lykke is dyslexic. The existing tools for helping dyslexics use outdated technology and provide a terrible user experience. Because of this, it is our mission to build a product that helps dyslexics reach their full potential.

Right now the team consists of:
Jakob - Founder & Software Developer
Has just finished his bachelor's degree as a Software Engineer.
Responsible for the development of the Ciarly software and daily operations.

Mark - Business Administrator
Studies Business Economics at AAU.
Responsible for the business thriving within Cliarly.

If you are interested and want to hear more, before joining our team, please contact us at:

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