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    Watson Solutions ApS

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    Automated mortar removal

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About us

Tired of boring trivial jobs? So are we! We are dreaming of automation and to give people a meaningful work-life!

We are a small two-person engineering startup in search of a or some team members. We started back in January 2021 with two pallets of brick wall and now we have a proof of concept with validated mechanics and electronics. We are still working towards a prototype. We love to automate hard physical or trivial jobs!

We have applied for Otto Bruns fond and InnoBooster - we are waiting for the feedback.

We would like to offer you the possibility to join a start-up on the fast track. Where you could combine this project with https://www.nvc.aau.dk/ or just work on it as a spare-time project. We hope to apply to the InnoFounder next year - so a future job could be an opportunity. You will have the opportunity to use our contacts at AAU Startup and our network.

We are looking for:
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    Business Development

We are looking for

What we need is a girl or a guy with knowledge on some of the other parts than the engineering (if you want to join with this knowledge do not hesitate to contact us). The business plan, our pitches, and funding need to be sharpened a lot. What is the price of our product? How should we sell it? What is the market? What is the need of our customers? Logo etc.

The tasks are many so you can choose the ones you really like. We do expect you to ask questions - we see that as a strength. We do expect you to have fun, deliver a good product, and a positive attitude even when things get difficult. If you could write this article better than us, you are among other we need!

We speak Danish and English - we would love some more people on the team!

If the funding comes through, we would love to try to make this part-time.

Psst.. See how far we have developed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti1AaIm1zew

Updated: 17/5-2021