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    tracket utilizes modern technology to support meaningfull online training communities

About us

Today's online training is impersonal training videos, or apps, developed with only physical health in mind, which for many does not create motivation.

We want to make online training and remote training present and motivating. We want to stimulate already established communities, organizations, or groups that can benefit from being motivated to exercise.

We use applications and sensor technology to create a communication channel between the people in the community and the person in charge of their program.

We have built an MVP for our sensor and application that works, but as of now, we need to take the application and sensor further as we are making progress in meeting our users' needs.


We are looking for

Currently, we are seeking a person who wants to participate in the continuing development of our startup journey. Ideally, someone who can help develop our MVP further as we progress.

However, anyone who might think our startup project seems interesting - do not hesitate to reach out, whether you have a passion for exercise, technology, the startup journey or can do UX/UI, user testing, programming, behavioral design, or something completely else - we would like to hear from you!