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    talDigital (Speak Digital) ApS
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    Making outdoor areas smart by utilizing modern technology.
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About us

talDigital was founded in 2021. It came to the world in order to fill a gab in the great outdoors, which reveals a lot of potential - which still is to be released.

'The founder - a UI/UX designer with a formal education in IT-Ledelse from Aalborg University has designed digital bulletin boards for the nature. It is a 0-click system which means, that the administrator of an area doesn't have to update anything else than their Social Media in order to update the area.

For the visitors information is at hand at the right place at the right time.

First sale was a reality in September 2022 to Aalborg Kommune.

StartUp has pitched for "Innovationsfonden", and two times made it to the final pitch round in AAU Legatet.

We are looking for:
  • We want a new
    Student worker
  • Who knows about
    Frontend developer
We are looking for

I am looking for developers to help talDigital realize its greatest ambitions