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    Giving the power of SEO back to the people. Are you in?

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About us

We are a Danish based SaaS startup working to make it easier for micro and small companies to get results with SEO.

We work with primary focus on artificial intelligence to create solutions that can relieve the human resource in working with SEO.
This gives three main benefits:

Less knowledge required for SEO
Less time spent on SEO
Less money spent on SEO

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    Marketing & Communication

We are looking for

We are three technically super skilled from three different geographical locations who lack a loving hand to control the communication in Tabtimize.

Because our mind-boggling brains are sharply tuned to our respective fields, our ability to communicate our strong and value-creating message to users, business partners, investors and other key stakeholders can linger.

We believe that communication is a key factor in helping as many mirco and small businesses bring their messages as possible. Therefore, your role will also greatly influence the solution and extent of success.

Since we all have three different geographical locations, the requirement is that you enjoy working remotely.
You must be able to structure your work tasks on your own. Together we will always save and help each other find the best solutions.

We have no requirements for your educational background or for your number of semesters completed.

The three requirements we have for you are that you are communally strong, that you love to solve problems and that you can work remotely.