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    St. Beernards
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    Redefining the beer serving experience at festivals and concerts.
About us

The St. Beernards approach provides a lasting experience audiences will remember as well as increase revenue in beer sales for the event. Our proposition revolves around enabling event catering services access to the beer drinkers who hesitate to leave their spot in the crowd during performances.

St. Beernards discovered this opportunity through the first semester of the AAU Master of Entrepreneurial Engineering. The semester group conducted research and interviews with festival-goers and professionals in the industry (brewery, event producers, and event services). The positivity and eagerness for the potential customers to solve the issue of accessible beer motivated St. Beernards to pursue the opportunity further.

Reach us at hello@saintbeernards.com

We are looking for:
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We are looking for

St. Beernards seeks engineering students who share our mission of redefining the beer serving experience at large events. Join St. Beernards to create memorable experiences for festival-goers, as the event industry becomes poised to rebound post-covid.

In our team, you will develop the product in an engaging process with our customers directly, to see the first-hand impact of your work through co-creation with users. Our founders encourage your creativity in this process, with an open-mind. Since we begin the product development fresh, you will help shape the product solution to the business opportunity.

Moreover, working in this startup provides real-life skills working in a diverse team led by founders with professional working experience. The team disciplines will involve system integration, business development, mechanics, electronics, and embedded software.

Reach us at hello@saintbeernards.com