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About us

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. In pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur, there are always challenges or obstacles. Unfortunately, these can be discouraging and often push aspiring entrepreneurs off the path to success before they even get to the starting line. One of the major challenges to overcome is not in the generation of great business ideas but bridging the gap from that AHA! moment to the moment of committing to that one idea that you will invest the next few years of your life. Sparks is an app that helps aspiring entrepreneurs capture their ideas, continuously develop them through collaboration and intuitive management, and validate their ideas analytically to identify the ideal startup for them.

We are looking for

Looking for a creative and ambitious intern or student worker with the potential of joining long term. I need someone who can help me in testing out the first functional prototype, which will be ready before the end of April. In addition, support with audience testing and feedback analysis will help to provide validation for the preparation of funding pitches. I could also use some man power for ironing some key details for the business plan, such as marketing strategies and financial planning. Sparks is well into the incubation phase and is at an exciting stage for a startup. Your work will contribute greatly as it will compound the overall success of the company moving forward. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. I would love to tell you more about Sparks and what it would it would mean if you join.