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    Sometic optimizes and administrates the customer's commercial tasks across social media platforms"

About us

We are a small startup consisting of 2 very passionate individuals.

We have both graduated within our respective fields.

Daniel has a diploma in "Advanced Computer Studies" and Dennis has a PBA in "Innovation & Entrepreneurship".

We are developing an online platform that helps companies with optimization and administration in regards to the use of their social media accounts.

Currently we are close to having a prototype that we can show and test on our potential customers. We are working on the product's features rather than our graphic identity, which is why we dont yet have a logo or website.

We feel that we have the competencies within the team to see this idea through, but still think we could use an extra software developer.

Therefore we are in search of another software developer

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    Backend developer

We are looking for

We are currently looking for another backend developer to help us finish and develop our prototype and further help develop a full functional platform.

We are looking for someone willing to put in the hours it takes to make this project a sucess.
Whether this is a fulltime or parttime. Just as long as you get the jobs/tasks done.

We are willing to give percentages of ownership if we feel the candidate is the right person for our business and team.