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    ReSync enables patients to recover their armfunction after a stroke

About us

ReSync is a start-up company focused on developing rehabilitation products, catered rehabilitation of the arm function after a stroke. We want to enable stroke patients to regain their daily life. We will do this by focusing on the gap in the market, where there is a need for arm rehabilitation solutions that are both motivating, fun and affordable. At the moment, the team consists of two co-founders graduated from respectively Industrial Design and Sports Technology in 2020.

The product idea itself enables self-initiated arm training by projecting an interactive projection onto any table using the integrated projector and motion sensor technology. The projection consists of variations of “serious games”, focused on improving the rehabilitation through repetition of arm exercises and cognitive training.

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    Full-stack developer

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We are looking for a C# developer with experience with collection and processing of inputs from computer vision and experience in developing simple 2D games in Unity or other game engines. We prioritize passion and willingness to learn over the perfect set of competencies. The position can be offered as an internship, or if interested, as a co-founder.