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About us

Clinical research often faces delays, especially when moving from a new treatment idea to its real-world use. These delays can be due to challenges in recruiting participants and time-consuming administrative tasks. Recognizing this, Relinkee offers a solution to streamline the process and reduce these waiting times.

Relinkee uses a two-part system. For trial participants, there's an app. This app allows them to join trials, keep track of their involvement, and share feedback easily. This ensures they are informed and can actively participate in the trial.

For researchers, Relinkee provides a website. This site is a practical tool where researchers can track participants, manage trial data, and communicate directly with those involved. The design allows researchers to manage several trials at once, simplifying tasks and saving time.

One of the main goals of Relinkee is to cut down on the time it takes for research to progress. By improving communication between participants and researchers, issues can be addressed quickly, ensuring trials continue without unnecessary pauses.

Overall, Relinkee aims to make the clinical research process more efficient, helping treatments move from ideas to reality faster.

Read more about our mission and see our solution at relinkee.dk

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We're looking for a Marketing and Communication Specialist to join our team at Relinkee, a startup dedicated to revolutionizing the research industry. The ideal candidate will have a strong grasp of contemporary marketing strategies and communication channels, capable of crafting compelling narratives and campaigns that resonate with our target audience across web, mobile, and social platforms. While knowledge of tools like Figma for content visualization is an advantage, it's not mandatory. As a pivotal member of our team, this role will be instrumental in amplifying our brand's voice, reach, and impact. We highly value innovative thinking and a data-driven approach, and are always receptive to fresh marketing insights and strategies that can elevate our platform's presence. If you're passionate about driving growth and engagement through effective communication and are seeking a role where your strategies can make a significant difference, we invite you to join us