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    We decrease dropout and develop talents in soccer

About us

Refiner provides a service that systematically supports the developmental aspect of soccer. This includes individualization of player goals in a way that focusses on learning and development, rather than immediate results. This help coaches and teams balance the result oriented and the mastery oriented focus relationship, which as a result is empirically connected to a decrease in experience of negative emotions. This can ultimately influence drop-out tendencies as well as increase performance longterm.

We are looking for marketing students who also have a creative flair with regard to SoMe.

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    Marketing & Communication

We are looking for

We are looking for a marketing and communication student that can handle our SoMe and create content in an uprising startup. You will have the possibility to affect the content with a personal touch and will be part of an accelerating team with drive. We will provide inputs, thoughts and the communication between us will be strong. The job requires you to be able to read and write in danish.
This project could result in more projects and possibly a job afterwards.