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    Rasmus Rokke

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    All children should learn to swim

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About us

We design and develop equipment in foam that supports the child when learning to swim. Our products are designed to provide support and buoyancy where it is needed to get positioned correctly in the water. The products embrace the child's development of motor skills while they enjoy playing. This is done by creating a universe with characters and themes with our products.

To ensure the best possible functionality of our products we have teamed up with swimming instructors and occupational therapists. We have launched our first product and expect to launch 3 new products within the next two months.

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    Marketing & Communication

We are looking for

We are looking for a candidate who has a background within either Digital Marketing, Website Development or sales.
You will get a ton of responsibility and you can be flexible with the workload and workhours. The tasks could be to:
- Organise and be responsible digital marketing campaigns
- Develop our website, SEO our website
- Uncover or increase the customer lead conversion