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    PolyBot I/S

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    Versatile mobile robots for the smart factory of I4.0

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About us

Polybot is a spin-off startup from our master thesis. We build mobile robots. We believe mobile robots can be modular, collaborate with other robots and perform many more other tasks than just delivery. Robots can also perform maintenance tasks: scan, take pictures, survey, map, etc. This has led us to design an indoor/outdoor robot that can work in a swarm of robots in any industry domain.

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    Business Intelligence

We are looking for

We want to welcome in our team an intern/founder that is interested in growing the business knowledge in our startup in terms of intelligence, development, strategy, marketing, internal and external communication. If you have a business framework in mind present it to us. Would like to hear from you.

You need to be pro-active and take initiatives in our startup. If after working with us for a while, you feel we are a good match and want to become one of the founder, feel free to say it.

You can choose your preferred methods and tools to design and setup the business framework.

We provide:
1. an engineering startup with great teammates
2. knowledge and experience when working with robots
3. cake

If you have the interest to join our startup but cannot find the right job posting, feel free to write us from our website under the 'Contact Us' section and we' ll get in touch.