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    Platform, which connects the sports world.
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About us

Our vision is to create a platform for all the sports entities where they can connect, share their experiences, rate, or just presentate themselves.

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We are looking for

Sports advisor (football or handball)

We are looking for an experienced a sports advisor(football or handball), who used to play the sport, knows the system and current trend, and also who knows the management side of the sport, included transfers, contracts, sports agents, managers. Creativity, responsibility, and passion for sports shouldn't miss.

- providing advice on the sport
- monitoring current trends in the sport
- communication with athletes
- communication with other departments

What can we offer?
- be part of the company and team with big a vision
- job in a young and experienced team
- teambuilding and meetings

Who are we?
All of us are former sports players in different kinds of sports. We know the problems in the sports sphere and that is a reason why we are creating this platform. We want to help athletes and other sports entities to present themselves.

If you are interested and want to be part of our team, contact us on social networks or through e-mail.

Contact us!
Kamil Kotvan, ceo and co-founder
+45 50 34 25 72