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    Little Otter Speakers
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    A complete rethink of the loudspeaker to create a bridge between design wishes and sound quality. Turning the iconic speaker into a piece of furniture.
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About us

We are two freshly graduated students from the AAU that have been working on a redesign of the HiFi speaker. During our studies, we found that the market lacks a reliable solution to implement sound in a non-intrusive way that is adaptable to different clients and/or room designs. There is a wish for a “not ugly” speaker that sounds better than a Bluetooth box. This need is confirmed in interviews with interior designers. At present designers have little to no options when it comes to sound integration in their room schemes. They wish for a complete redesign of the existing speaker stereotype.

By approaching the speaker from a design perspective, we have created a panel on the wall/ceiling that vibrates to produce sound. The design gives us the ability to use different textures/colours, and together with mono, stereo, and lighting options, the panels fit in a wide range of interiors.

The rise of digital sound processors makes the design possible, they allow for the revision of vibrating panels. Enabling a level of sound quality that was unfeasible before due to resonance vibrations.

Study Programme

Industrial Desing and Architecture