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    LeJetøjskassen is a subscription business that supplies age-appropriate toys for children from 0 to 3 years.
About us

Our core value is to select the best toys that stimulate and activate children in relation to their developmental leap (0-3 years old). We switch the box of toys at our customers home adresse every month, so children always have toys that fit their development. I this way parents can help to look after the environment by reducing overconsumption, and still have lots of great opportunities to stimulate and activate their toddler. LeJetøjskassen reduces concerns for toddler parents about whether they adequately stimulate their child mentally and motorically through their toys.

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We need an intern who have competencies in marketing, branding and will take part in developing the business in all its aspects.
This is an exceptional opportunity for an intern to be a part of a startup that will have lots of different exiting assignments connected to bringing the company to market.

lots of responsibilities and opportunities to create you own internship.