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    Labelless Media
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    Changing the way psychology is used in marketing via software
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About us

Labelless Media is currently a content marketing bureau focusing on video production and marketing strategy.

Our approach to marketing is based on psychological theories.

The company was founded in Jan of 2019 and has since then excelled.
Labelless Media is seated at Vesterbro in Aalborg with offices in the building, "Fremtidens Hus".

During customer interactions we have found a need in the marketing: The need to quantify psychological benefits of content marketing.
This is why we are creating a subsidiary with the purpose of developing a software tool to do this.

All in all, we have the framework. Sales, marketing, administrative structure.

We need someone with the technical skills to become partner and CTO of this subsidiary.

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We are looking for:
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    Full-stack developer
We are looking for

We are looking for a full-stack developer to become co-founder/partner/CTO of the subsidiary.

What we expect:
- You believe languages are something your can learn more or less with ease
- You are not afraid of machine learning
- You have the basic foundation of knowledge (eg. can setup a server)

Would be a plus if:
- You have done side-projects we can see
- You have design skills as well

What we offer:
- An opportunity to improve your design skills (one of the co-founders is a graphic designer)
- Becoming co-owner of the company
- A professional setup with the right conditions for succes