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    Making experts more accessible, for smaller companies and startups
About us

The Katalist platform aims to change how companies find and hire external experts. By introducing resultbased payment and no entry requirements for new consultants, Katalist makes it easier and less risky to both hire and become a professional consultant.

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We are looking for

Katalist is looking for co-founders and interns within software product development (e.g. front-end, back-end, UX and UI skills) and marketing (e.g. market analysis, segmentation, product-market-fit and digital marketing skills).

Katalist is currently propelled forward by visionary founder Mads Birk Nielsen (Me ;) ). I have education and experience in both technology and marketing, so we will be working together on solving all problems the best possible way. Althought I know some things in these areas, it is not where my talent lies, I am an expert in innovation and discovering opportunities, but I need your talent to so we together can achieve exceptional execution and make real change.