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    Join ApS
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    Join creates connections to good social experiences.
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About us

We solve a problem concerning lack of inspiration, overview and social network in relation to finding and participating in social activities in your local area. Join gives a visual overview of recreational and cultural activities in your local area, displayed on an interactive, live and dynamic map. Furthermore, We facilitate social matchmaking through a lobby system on these locations with the purpose of socialising with like-minded individuals in a casual and easily accessable way for people looking for new social experiences.

Our team consists of Michael(28) and Christian(26) who both have a master's degree in Sports Technology from Aalborg University.
As a part of our master's degree we have been a part of another startup in which we gained knowledge and experience regarding entrepeneurship. Furthermore, we have attended the startup program, Innovative Growth Program where we have validated, matured and developed our concept and business idea, as well as acquired knowledge regarding sales, marketing, design thinking and business development.

We are are currently in search for a third partner and co-founder in our startup. We are searching for a partner who has the competences recquired for developing the technical aspects of the Join app. This includes knowledge and experience regarding a suitable programming language, API's, and setting up user/costumer databases. We are searching for someone with the desire to engage in a startup with everything that follows and to join an ambitious but also relaxed and fun work environment with the freedom to structure your own approach regarding the technical solutions, as well as your work schedule, in a way which suits you.
In addition we are offering the opportunity to, at an early stage, become a part of a company with great potential, with the prospect of creating and designing a technical platform from the ground up in your own style.

If this has sparked your interest and you want to Join, reach out to us at:
Krogholm93@gmail.com or
+45 60 38 30 85

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    Backend developer
We are looking for

We are looking for a third and equal co-founder who can help us realise the potential for this platform. A third co-founder would take the role of company CTO with responsibility for the technical development of the app. Therefore we are searching for someone with skills and experience regarding building user and customer databases, backend API’s as well as sufficient knowledge regarding front-end development. Furthermore, a third co-founder must have the desire to engage in startup with all the opportunities and uncertainties which follows, and see the potential in the concept and business and to dream of being part of this journey.