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    Specializes in delivering premium and rare vintage pieces from hyped brands.
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About us

Hypevintage delivers high quality and rare vintage clothing from wellknown brands such as Nike, Adidas, Champion, etc. We make it easier for the vintage-loving costumer to get their hands on unique and rare vintage clothing at affordable prices. We individually handpick each item to ensure a high quality. Hypevintage contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry by putting an end to fast fashion and creating a circular pattern of consumption.

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    Marketing & Communication
We are looking for

We are looking for students/interns with knowledge of and interest in SoMe-managing and marketing in general. We are also looking for students/interns with experience in webdesign and developing websites, including SEO.

Social Media Manager:
As an intern/student at Hypevintage you will get the opportunity to express your creativity and get the experience of working in a small business with passion for clothing and sustainability. You will be responsible for creating content on our Social Media accounts including Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

As an intern/student at Hypevintage you will get the opportunity to design a website/webshop from the bottom. You will have freedom and opportunity to express your creativity and improve your experience and practical knowledge with web designing.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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