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    It should be just as easy to book a night out as it is to order a pizza
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About us

The problem:
The current situation is an absolute jungle of information. As many venues operate primarily through social media they've had to adapt to the platforms. This comes with some caveats. It is very difficult to get an overview of the venues, what events are going on and it is tedious and difficult to secure a table for your night out.

The why:
Because of people. Life is too precious and too short to be spending on tedious and soul-draining tasks. Instead it should be spent with friends laughing, crying and experiencing amazing things. That is what we find worthwhile to facilitate.

The solution:
That is where Greeter comes into play.
- It should be easy to get an overview of the events in town
- It should be easy to get the practical information for the venue
- It should be easy to book a table or ticket for an event

This goes both ways, for venue managers it should be just as easy to handle these things

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We are looking for

We are looking for someone who has a drive for building relationships, spreading the message of Greeter and building the business side of our startup