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    Graitor ApS

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    Graitor is a new digital platform that gives an extra value to its users for recycling bottle and cans.

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About us

Graitor is an impact start-up with support from both Innovationsfonden Danmark, Carlsberg & Royal Unibrew. We have tested our concept in Rødovre Centrum with great success and are now ready to expand our concept to our hometown - Aalborg!
To make a long story short
Our platform is called Graitor and is an app that expands and digitizes our recycle system, so that in future you also get value for returning cans and bottles without a depositvalue. Graitor gives points for each package returned in bottle vending machines and at Pantstations, by simply taking a picture of the bottle voucher - simple as that!

Points are used on treats consisting of offers / savings or free products that can be picked up in stores and thus create traffic and additional sales - You can read more about us at: https://graitor.dk/ or download our app on Google play / App store.

We are looking for:
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    Marketing & Communication

We are looking for

In Graitor we are looking for a committed person, who can handle our SoMe and create content in an uprising impact startup.

SoMe Creator / Content Creator

* Must be available to write and understand Danish *

- Some skills in creating graphical content

- Content writer - A plus if personally interested in green sustainability

- Target Group Analyst - Analyzing out targets groups behavior

- Making and filming videos for our content marketing

- Small Ad hoc challenges

- Support cases

You will have the possibility to affect the content with a personal touch and will be part of an accelerating team with drive. We will provide inputs, thoughts and the communication between us will be strong.

This project could result in more projects and possibly a job afterwards.