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    Foxhound Studios

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    Creating a new standard for strategy games.

About us

We are Foxhound Studios, a new game development startup in Aalborg, aiming to make the best strategy game in the world. All of us are newcomers in the industry and don't have the experience of many. What we do have though, is a fiery passion for what we do, as well as the belief that we really can make a difference and compete with the biggest and brightest in the industry.

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We are looking for

We are currently trying to secure funding, so it's still unknown when we are able to afford salaries. With that said, we are primarily looking for C++ programmers (we use UE4) and 2D/3D artists at the moment. If you have a different expertise, come talk to us anyway, because you might be exactly what we need later on. Even if you just like to talk about video games, so do we, so come and chat anyway :)