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    Fit Garment I/S

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    We are innovating the formal apparel in design and features to satisfy the needs of a muscular body

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About us

A more muscular body requires something special to feel completely comfortable. Special fit, special fabric, special treatments. All our efforts were put into crafting the most comfortable FORMAL SHIRT for the trained body. We measured and tested on real men, asked for feedback, searched for the suitable materials and manufacturers. Our shirt was crafted to satisfy the needs of an athletic body: more room for the chest, shoulders and arms. Inspired by activewear, we combined functionality with the visual aesthetics of the simple business shirt.

There are 2 pillars that embody and drive our ambition for developing a responsive company and sustainable products:

Build an agile brand, that listens to its customers and delivers what they ask for, not the other way around (co-creation)
Take all the possible steps to reduce its environmental footprint

We pay insane attention to details, develop hypotheses, and jump into experimentation. We even went to great lengths of using thermal imaging in our testing. After all, we are two engineers who decided to do fashion…our way.

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    Marketing & Communication

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It would be ideal if you are an enthusiastic gym-goer, in order to relate better to our prospective customers. We need somebody who understand and can speak the "lingo", to help us communicate better to our customers.