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    Dimina Design
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    Bring nature at home into a minimalist style
About us

Dimina Design proposes to develop sustainable home products such as furniture, accessories and goods for the whole family. Therefore, the first project is for our pets: the health pet pet feeder that will give pets the best health and the pet owners the good conscience.

The key points of the startup are sustainability, a healthy perspective and an aesthetic that mimics nature and fits in the home design just like furniture.

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We are looking for

As you know, a pet feeder is an electronic device - just like the coffee machine. In order to develop an automatic pet feeder prototype, there is needed a person with skills who can make the prototype active: possible to program and deliver food at required times and amounts, all in an intuitive way for the user; In addition, there is needed also a person to develop an app that can track your pets' activity.

I don't know if you can help me, but if you love animals like I do and you are looking forward to give them the best healthy life through technology, don't hesitate to contact me. If you have the following background or you know somebody from the following lists, please stand out:

- Mechanic/Electric Engineer
- Robotics Engineer
- Programmer/IT/App Developer

I am open to any possibility of collaboration, and depending on how much you will be part of the process, there will be different benefits for you. For now the job is not paid, so there are only the results that will reward you, a lot of experience and volunteering in the game that will add to your personal portfolio.

Contact: Diana Asmarandei