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    Dentlet ApS
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    Optimized dental purchasing
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About us

Internationally focused online company that kick-start a new trade model in the dental industry - we are Pioneers with short Call-to-Action process. We are going to change the industry’s conservative business models – our website optimise trading with dental prosthetics.
Online Marketplace; Here dentists purchase Prosthetics. Now Dentists can buy prosthetics across borders with multiple suppliers collected on the same place.
The past two years has been focused software platform development and now the marketplace has been launched. We need to brake down barriers to get more dental clinics ordering using www.dentlet.com. You will have strong communication skills in danish and/or english.
Focus; generated leads, qualify leads evaluate with customers

Establish contact with potential buyers and activate these profiles
Organise, promote and host webinars explaining the platform.
Email campaign marketing, we will You need to define, configure and execute this campaign.
Interact with both potential customers and existing customers to understand and improve our product.

We are looking forward to hear back from you. If you want to test yourself and create tangible results, then Dentlet is the right place.
Let's get in touch :
BR, Mikael
mikael@dentlet.com / +45 20 600 145

We are looking for:
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    Marketing & Communication
We are looking for

We are looking for a passionate intern that want to be part of this business in the long run.

For the right person possibilities for being a co-owner will be available down the route..