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    Creating engaging experience at the event whiel heping organizers to make them better in the future
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About us

We are team of 5 software developers that are focusing on creating the best product for a customer category. Our idea brings utility for both sides of the market, businesses and attendees. We are focusing on collaboration with businesses to establish out B2B channel and create the solution that those actors use for B2C interactions. Therefore we categorize our businesses model as B2B2C.

We focus on data, it's overview, availability, collection and visualization with privacy first approach in mind. This app will open an opportunity for various event organizations to cross-collaborate without need to direct integration and also enable users to get a better deal and continued engagement though one app for multiple events. For example, we will offer solutions that would include NFT tickets, digital items as rewards, interactive maps, matchmaking at the event and direct channels for businesses and performers to the people at the event. Also give a chance for those actors to gain roylaties on resales and give chance for customers to engage in secondary markets.

We are looking for a Danish business developer that would help us to grow and communicate efficiently with the domestic market. Feel free to reach out on:


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