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    CRYER seeks to facilitate sales at physical retail stores by uniting price-conscious consumers.

About us

The aim of CRYER is to facilitate sales at physical locations by connecting retail
stores to consumers and consumers to consumers. Our solution is a combination of two unique concepts: Peer-to-peer quantity discount sharing and Peer-to-peer proximity marketing. Our platform enables consumers to buy more, while generating more traffic to each respective physical store.

CRYER uses a proximity-based marketing strategy that enables physical stores to better market themselves to nearby consumers, through the use of their customers.

Please watch the following explainer animation video for more information.

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    iOS Developer

We are looking for

In order to proceed with CRYER, the aid of a programmer with experience in application development (Android and/or iOS), who can aid in the development of a prototype, is needed. The position can be offered as an internship, or if interested, as a co-founder.