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About us

AdConnecter is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of screen advertisement. We are no traditional media agency, who focuses on nationwide campaigns and large companies, instead we offer an easy self-service advertisement solution, where no company is too small.


The company was founded in september 2019 and since then we have participated in regional and national championships that have granted us capital in order for us to grow.


Our teams consist of four individuals with different backgrounds and disciplines, that thrives on a deep passion for the company and its service.

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We are looking for

We are looking for persons with interest in either sales or SoMe. These persons are to see themselves in a start-up environment where your ideas and opinions will shape the company.

We are looking for a person that wants to work in sales. The person is going to work in the front line of our start-up AdConnecter with Martin who is the head of sales.

We are looking for someone that can help us with:
- Cold calling
- Providing service to our clients